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Ashwagandha is a natural and widely studied adaptogenic herb used to help the body and mind to successfully adapt to any stressful conditions.

Key Benefits of Ashwagandha

  • Traditionally, for helping cope with stress in a healthy way.
  • It has properties of general body toning.
  • Maintain the body functioning.
  • Regulate secretion of digestive juices and hormones.
  • Give strength to muscles.
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Helps calm mind, relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Supports endurance, strength and muscle size.
  • Supports sexual function in men and women.

Important Facts

  • VedaSetu Ashwagandha supports energy levels in men and women. Helps maintain energy levels all day.
  • Vedasetu Ashwagandha helps increase muscle mass and muscle strength. It is beneficial in recovery during exercise and physical activity.
  • VedaSetu Ashwagandha enhances both immediate and long term memory. Helps stay focused, executive function, attention and information processing time.
  • VedaSetu Ashwagandha helps manage stress by reducing the level of cortisol aka stress hormone. It may help bring calmness and maintain mental wellbeing.
  • VedaSetu Ashwagandha helps in long-term immunity.


Dosage & Direction:

Two Tablets Twice A Day After Meal 

* We recommend 6 month usage to attain optimum results.


Benefits of Ayurvedic Medicine:

· Contain no synthetic or chemical ingredients

· Medicine has no side effects

· Lab tested



Batch No. : 1/2020
Mfg. Date : NOV-2020
Exp. Date : OCT-2022
Weight : 40GM

3 reviews for Ashwagandha

  1. Kamal Kishor

    I am Gym lover I am always looking for Orginal Ashwagandha, I saw your product on Instagram and order it too, Happy to use your product. I want to say to all other gym users to add Ashwagandha to their diet plan. Dry Ashwagandha is easily available in the market you can take it and make it in powder form or if you have a budget to buy a ready-to-use product you can buy VedaSetu Ashwagandha.

  2. Kunal Sood

    I’ve been using this product for one year, an excellent product for stress relieving.

    • vedasetu

      Thank you so much for writing to us. your review matters a lot to us.


  3. Kapil Sharma

    Many of my friends told me to add Ashwagandha to my daily supplement, it is really helpful

    • vedasetu

      As we all know Brain plays a very important role in our life, So for our daily life stress relief, we should use Ashwagandha, There are many benefits of these herbs in our daily lifestyle.

      Team Vedasetu

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