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Almonds–The Treasure of Good HEALTH

Almonds–The Treasure of Good HEALTH

* Arogya *

* Almond is a treasure trove of miraculous qualities, which increases your health and beauty *

* —————————————- *

Almond is not just a dry fruit but it is also used to further enhance the beauty, almonds contain minerals like vitamins E and D, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Now-a-days we use all types of oils, everyone knows the benefits of eating almonds, but do you know that its oil is even more effective.

Nowadays, every person uses different types of oils like Saffola, Fortune, Sundrap, Dhara, Vimal, Dalda, Gemini, Sunflower-Vanaspati, Sange, Leonardo, Chariot, Mahakosh,  Nutrella, Ruchi-Gold and Chef etc. You will know the benefits of all these oils, but we tell you the benefits of almond oil.

* Benefits of Almonds: *

Its daily consumption, strength and immunity increases in the body, which can keep oneself away from many diseases like- corona ,influenza, measles, chickenpox

* Relieves fatigue: *

Drinking of one spoon of almond oil in milk, relieves the body from tiredness and fatigue and benefits immediately.

* Good for skin  *

It makes the skin healthy. It is very effective to give you a flawless, glowing skin. It nourishes the skin so that it becomes more soft, it locks the moisture in the skin and does not allow the pores to block.

* Light up the eyes: *

Those who have poor vision can drink a little bit of almond oil daily to strengthen the vision.

They will get a lot of benefit from this.

* Remove dark circles: *

Reduces dark circles: Before bedtime, a light massage with this oil under the eyes provides great benefit, regular use also reduces wrinkles.

* Beneficial in cholesterol management: *

If you have high cholesterol, use almond oil in this way, it brings cholesterol to normal level and reduces the risk of heart stroke.

*Make hair strong: *

If you have  thin and frail hair , massage almond oil, it will be beneficial and your hair will not fall.

* Pink lips: *

Heal lips: If you want soft and pink lips then what can be better than almond oil because it has moisturizing properties, due to which it is absolutely perfect for your lips.

* Boost memory: *

It is for the children of educated children to write: Benefits of drinking dim almond oil improves the memory and also strengthens the nervous system.

* Finish Russian: *

Get rid of Dandruff It removes dead cells and also gets rid of Dandruff, it keeps hair healthy as well as keeps the scalp and hair clean.

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